Ásgeir Ásgeirsson (IS)

Ásgeir ÁsgeirssonAsgeir performs regularly with elite Icelandic singers and has a longtime working relationship with the pop star Pall Oscar. Asgeir has been nominated many times for the Icelandic music awards; first for album of the year with his childhood band Sóldögg, then for band of the year, guitarist of the year and song of the year, Fridur, written by Asgeir.

Asgeir has been nominated for numerous awards with jazz bands, including B3 trio, and his song Passing through which is on Asgeir´s debut album released in 2006, recorded in New York in collaboration with jazz legend Chris Cheek. 

Ásgeir Ásgerisson

Asgeir has worked on several occasions at the Icelandic national theater, most recently with the Icelandic legendary singer and musician Egill Olafsson. Asgeir is a guitar teacher at the FIH music school in Reykjavík