Haaga Folk Machine (FI)

Haaga Folk MachineHaaga Folk Machine is an energetic three-piece acoustic group from Helsinki, Finland. With its roots firmly buried in Finnish-Scandinavian folk music, the group also performs acoustic version of well-known rock classics - with a twist. “Here is some new Finnish folk music band you shouldn't miss: Haaga Folk Machine is a virtuous folk trio of three young men at it's prime. The trio of fiddle, harmonium and guitar/vocal traverses Celtic melodies, Western Finnish fiddle traditions and rock music grooves in a blink of an eye.“ (Tero Hautamäki, Pohjalainen – Magazine. Translated.)

Haaga Folk Machine is an acoustic trio formed by musicians Tero Hyväluoma (fiddle), Sami Kurppa (harmonium) and Anssi Salminen (vocals, guitar). Their repertoire consists of both their own compositions and cover songs, crossing genre borders in an unprejudiced way. Folk music works as a strong base on top of which other elements, such as influences of pop and rock, may be added.

The band members have graduated or are currently studying in University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius-Academy (Folk Music department). In 2012 they released an album The Laukkoski Sessions.

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