Halldór Warén (IS)

Halldór WarenHalldor Warén was born in Reykjavík 1971, but has lived in East-Iceland all his life. At an early age he got interested in music, as his family was interested in everything imaginable. His Finnish grandmother had a record collection of various music styles and that may have inspired him as a young boy to enjoy “World” and “Alternative” music. Halldór lives by a small river in a yellow house surrounded by trees with his four children and his fiancée Agnes Brá.

Halldor is an active musician and is in a band named VAX with his brother Villi. Together they operate the publishing company Waren Music that is a kind of a family business. Waren Music has released three CD’s with his band Vax, children lullaby album Bium Bium, Kjuregej and the album Not just for kids who is a tribute to an album by Jerry Garcia and Dave Grisman released in '93. The goal is to release 2-3 CD’s each year with “alternative” music or the music of interest at each time.

Halldór Waren