Jo Einar Sterten Jansen (NO)

Jo Einar JansenJo Einar Tobias Sterten Jansen is a Norwegian fiddler and hardanger fiddle player, born in 1988, who’s playing has been described as powerful, dynamic and creative. He started playing the fiddle at the age of 6 and during his teenage years was an active participant of the folk music scene in his home region, Frosta and the rest of Trøndelag. After finishing gymnasium at Steinerskolen in Trondheim, Jo Einar went to study folk music at Ingesunds Folkhögskola for a year.  From the year 2008 has Jo Einar been studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the third year he spent as an exchange student at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where he participated at the recording of the KMH Folk’s CD “Julens Visor”. 

Summer 2012 he won "Solo Fele klasse B" at Landskappleiken in Otta, playing tunes in tradition after the brilliant fiddlers Harald Gilland and Sven Gravåsen from Meråker in Nord-Trøndelag. Per Sæmund Bjørkum, Håkon Høgemo, Ellika Frisell, Mats Berglund and Hans Melhus are among his most influential teachers. At the moment Jo Einar is studying at the Nordic Master in Folk Music, and working as a freelance musician at his company Jo Einar Jansen Music, playing often for dance and participating on different projects. For example, in August 2011 he played, together with Josefina Paulsson, as a soloist with the Swedish Radio Symphonic Orchestra. 

Jo EinarJo Einar Tobias Sterten Jansen  Jo Einar Tobias Sterten Jansen Jo Einar