Vefarinn Dance Group (IS)

VefarinnWhen: 1) Wednesday at 19:45, preceding the Gala Concert. 2) Saturday at 13:00
Where: 1) Hof Cultural Center. 2) University of Akureyri, Foyer

Um Vefarann á Íslensku.

Vefarinn is an amateur folk dancing group formed in 2004 and located in Akureyri, North-Iceland. Vefarinn specializes in performing and promoting folk dances, both Icelandic and foreign, as well as maintaining knowledge on Icelandic dance tradition and the national costume. The Vefarinn Dance Group seeks to promote public interest in Icelandic folk dancing and to help sharing this knowledge by demonstrating and teaching. During shows the Vefarinn dancers wear traditional Icelandic clothing along with lambskin shoes, to put even more emphasis on the heritage and getting the setting just right. Vefarinn (the weaver) is the name of one of Iceland's oldest dances and is the dance group's signature dance.