Hildur Dance Company

Hildur Dance CompanyHildur Dance Company is a group of musicians and dancers who create artistic productions based on folk dance and music traditions from central Norway. The performers, Anna, Mathilde, Hilde and Jo Einar, share a common interest in the interdependent relationship between dance and music – and in exploring space and inclusion. With a playful and open approach to tradition, the company creates moments of surprise, melancholy, and clarity in their various productions, which are aimed at school students, the elderly, and the general public.

Anna Gjendem is a young, modern dancer from Molde in Norway, who is firmly rooted in the tradition. She has a BA degree in traditional dance performance and a master's degree in traditional arts from Telemark university. In addition to being the manager of the Folk Music Archive for Møre and Romsdal, Anna works full time as a traditional dancer. Anna has a passion for transmitting local dance traditions, both in a traditional and a modern way.

Anna GjendemMathilde Øverland is a dancer and folk singer from Molde in Norway. Since she finished her BA studies in folk dance performance from NTNU and Ole Bull Academy she has been experimenting with developing traditional dance into new directions, for example by focusing on the live music aspect of traditional dance, as well as the organic and spontaneous aspects that are inherent in the tradition. These projects have created the dance compositions FOLK and BROLAND. Mathilde is also the project leader of Akersarv - Bygda Dansar í Akershus.

Hilde Fjerdingøy is one of the top diatonic accordion players in Norway, known for her soulful, powerful and groovy style. She plays music from many different traditions in the Nordic countries and is deeply rooted in the tradition of Helgeland, her home area in the north of Norway. She’s a member of the Swedish-Norwegian band Rim, Hildur dansekompani and Duo Fjerdingøy & Andersson. Hilde holds a Master degree in Nordic folk music at the Ole Bull Academy of Music in Norway, Sibelius Academy in Finland, Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Sweden and The Academy of Music and Dramatic arts in Southern Denmark. She has played numerous concerts in the Nordic countries, as well as China, Brazil, the USA, Estonia, Latvia, England and Austria.

Hilde FjerdingøyJo Einar Jansenis a fiddle player, hardanger-fiddle player and singer from Frosta in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. He has a Nordic master's in folk music and his playing style is a fusion of creativity, power and dynamics. With roots in folk music from his home region, Jo Einar plays traditional music from all of Scandinavia. He is a member of Duo Jansen/Jüssi and Rim and in addition to that he is a brilliant solo performer and has exceptional qualities as a dance fiddler.

“Engaging, intelligent and entertaining - music and dance working together seamlessly -brilliant”
- Tom Sherlock

Hildur Hilde Fjerdingøy